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The fact is, if your not on the first page of Google, your business is practically invisible. All your potential customers are just going to your competitors because you are no where to be found.

Let’s Change That.

We’ll move your digital real estate to a location that matters. We’ll move you to where your customers are so that you can capture all the traffic that is possible.


33% of all organic traffic goes to the #1 rank on google. So therefore, moving your website’s ranking as close to the top means: a flood of hot leads, 100% free and clear! You are practically investing in the ability to get sustainable free traffic for the near future. Not everyone can get you at the top so it is important to choose wisely. We at Transcend Toronto SEO, let our results do the talking. We take pride in providing a quality service and giving you the satisfaction of knowing your marketing dollars are hard at work.

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We are moving to a better neighborhood. We are transcending all the way to the top of google and giving your business the exposure it deserves.

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SEO is high ROI online marketing strategy that produces real results. Our services help surge inbound inquires and sales to your website.


We win when you win! We stay on the top of the industry with the top minds in SEO today so that you stay on top of your competitors.


We offer a fair service: Month-to-Month Contracts so that you are at ease throughout the process. You pay for results, we deliver. Not Satisfied, simply walk out.

Why SEO?

Toronto Businesses that own a website, know just how critical web traffic is for their website. This is because traffic, whether online or by foot, is the lifeblood of any business. What businesses also understand is getting their money’s worth by advertising is the only logical reason to spend money on advertising. Nowadays, the world is moving so fast that is hard to understand why the things that were working before do not anymore. Namely, print ads, yellow pages flyers, newspaper ads, etc.. This is where Toronto SEO comes in.

Imagine getting the cream of the crop every time you spend money on advertising. That is, imagine spending your advertising dollars only on the people that are most likely to buy your products/services and not wasting it on people that are not interested. Well that is exactly what search marketing does. By increasing your rank on google, you are essentially fishing at the spot where the hungriest fish live and where they are the easiest to catch. Further, once you at the any of top spots, your ranking is very sticky. Meaning that it is harder for the ranking to drop once you are up there. Unless of course, you engage in activities that make it more likely to fall such as engaging in spam, black hat tactics, etc…

Search Engine optimization basically means that your website is primed and polished so that search engines can not only find you easier, but also assess your website’s true value more accurately. Offline you may have a great reputation, but if that doesn’t translate into the online world, you may be missing out on a large chunk of untapped revenue. A Toronto SEO expert bridges this gap between machine and human, so that your website/brand gets portrayed most accurately to the google algorithms which in turn reward you by increasing your rank on google.

Investing your advertising dollars in SEO is by far the best return on your investment. At the top ranks, not only are you siphoning the 3% of market actively looking for your product/service to your website, but Google is also gifting you instant credibility amongst your customers. Turning hot leads into red hot leads! This is because searchers perceive the number one spot on google as the most authoritative on the keyword subject resulting in a higher click through rate to your website.

Even right now as you are reading this, thousands if not tens of thousands per month in terms of revenue is not going to you, but to your competitors simply because your website is nowhere to be found on google for your business’s keyword. Therefore, the earlier you start the process of increasing your rankings, the better. It takes on average about 6-9 months to see some tangible results from your investment. That is why it so important for you to understand that this type of advertising is not just some on and off switch like Pay-Per-Click Ads. SEO is more like building a house. The only real value comes after the house is built.

Choosing the Right Toronto SEO Agency

Just like you are not going to let anyone build your house, you shouldn’t hire just anyone to be your search engine optimization expert. There are many companies offering these services out there from your local website host, cheap outsourcers, expensive digital marketing companies, so on and so forth. So how do you make the right choice? If all of them offer these services, how do you know which one will get you to the top?

It is understandable that this can be a hard decision to make as this represents a significant investment not only in terms of money but also time. So here are some aspects to consider to help you make the best choice.

The old saying you get what you pay for is just as relevant now as it was in the past. If you pay for quality, you get quality. You will know that you have gotten quality pretty early on as you would be kept in the loop on your currents website’s rankings. In this way, you will see through google if they are all talk or that they are actually increasing rankings via strategies that were discussed previously. However, as reality kicks in, things don’t always remain on the up and up. If there are delays in rankings or Google’s algorithm hasn’t updated your website ranking, your seo expert should let you know, much like a surgeon, what the problem seems to be, possible solutions, and an educated plan of action to resolve the issue. A quality search engine optimization expert won’t promise you the world nor will s/he guarantee anything simply because of the fact that if s/he does either of those things, then you know that they are being disingenuous. Simply because the implications of that fact is that they are claiming to control what they can’t.

Furthermore, your seo experts should have a solid strategy that will get your website ranked. This is the name of the game. Google doesn’t reveal their ranking algorithm to the public nor do they teach this subject in school so much of the information on how to rank a website is gained via research and development. Knowledge in this field is given utmost important because having the right information means the difference between money wasted and money well spent. Thus, your expert should be able to lay out and articulate a plan of action that displays their proficiency in this field. If anything sounds like a magic pill type of strategy, stay away from these so called experts.

Additionally, quality work can be noticed on how they interact with you as a company. There is no one size fit all when it comes your business. Your strategy should be uniquely tailored to your business objectives and expansion goals. Therefore, when accessing your needs, your search engine optimization expert should be asking the questions necessary to fully understand the size and scope of what your business requires and price accordingly.

Finally, your seo company should be on top of the current trends that are in this industry. With the pace of technology moving so fast, it is easy to stick to things that used to work but that are no longer as efficient. For example with the coming advent of AI and higher dependence on mobile phones, does your seo company have strategies that capitalize on that or are they still stuck on building web 1.0s.

Everything aside, picking the right search engine optimization company is like picking a partner; as time goes forward, the relationship usually snowballs into a deeper win/win. As such, you would probably figure out soon enough if the company is truly providing genuine quality work or promising you the moon and coming up short handed. We at Transcend Toronto SEO, try out best to provide our customers the satisfaction that making right decisions bring. So if have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us via


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