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Search Engine Optimization

We have been serving Toronto businesses since 2016. Having worked in the most cut-throat and competitive industries on Google, we know a thing or two on how to rank your website.

We know the power that google brings a business and we have many success stories of businesses doubling and tripling their revenue simply by letting us get them to the top of their competitors on Google.

SEO is in our blood. Our bread and butter. We make sure that when people are trying to find your services on Google, you show up. SEO is a long-term project that needs TLC over many months in order to bear fruits. 

While you are waiting for your SEO efforts to bear fruit. Google Ads make the perfect compliment to get more instantaneous results as well as test the commercial feasibility of your keywords.

We love making websites that look really good, load fast, and convert to sales.

Having worked on multi-million dollar ecommerce stores we know a thing or two about growing sales. 

Some of our Clients

To insure our quality and integrity with each client.

We only take you on if we are 100% sure we can help.

Let’s get real here. SEO companies don’t have the best reputation. There is no school for it. No certificate for it and most importantly no clear cut way to rank things on Google. Only Google really knows and they will never spill their secrets on how they do it. After all, majority of their income comes from ads. So do you really think a person/agency flaunting their certifications really knows what they are talking about?  

You might have a sour taste in your mouth whenever SEO is mentioned. You might have been offered keyword packages, guaranteed results in a matter of weeks, or maybe even those $99/ month deals. Truth of the matter is every website is different. There is no one size fits all. 

Those keyword packages you were thinking about; what a load of dog 💩. If you only knew… that the Enterprise package takes less effort than the basic packages. 

You may have been guaranteed the world. Only to find out that they never even looked at your website. There are enough dinosaurs from the old world going around strutting their stuff and pretending to know SEO. After all, its all there on the web, how hard could it be !? Some of them are even so shady as to not even give you proper report of what they have done for the sake protecting their ‘IP’. 

Trust us, there is nothing that makes us more mad than seeing businesses get cheated out of something they know they need but don’t know how to how to go about it. At the end of the day, it comes down to trust. Unfortunately, there are enough of these charlatan agencies that have abused this trust and left businesses empty handed.

That’s why we exist. To be a power of Good and to do Good. To provide results so that you can focus on growing your business not just maintaining the status quo. We believe everyone deserves to live their best life so that’s why we treat each client with the integrity they deserve. We make sure that you get the white glove experience as well as robust results to keep your website booming.

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